CH9400 Adjustable 5 Position Head Hanger System


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New from Wertz Werkz manufacturing.
This new system is the ultimate solution for hanging wall pedestal manikins or any standard shoulder mounts. This hanger system is adjustable to 5 positions, to ensure that your mount is level every time. No more need for trying to level two hangers when mounting wall pedestals. This hanger will keep your wall pedestal mounts in place the first time. Included is a wall bracket, form bracket, and bumper. The manufacturers suggested maximum weight is 65 lbs.
Sold separately is a spacer kit to give you extra room off of the wall, off the mount, or both. Spacer kit item number is CH9401.
Key Features
– Adjustable to 5 fixed positions
– Zinc plated steel parts prevents rust and corrosion
– Quick installation just screw in place – no prep work necessary
– Low profile for clean finished look
– Customizable with available additional spacers
– Wall mounting and dismounting with ease